Seven Sees

Cross-Cultural Center for Connection, Communication, Collaboration, and Creation

Activities and Services

English Program Development

  • Koka Gakuen Elementary School, Tokyo, Japan
    • Developed first to sixth grade English program
    • Created the mission statement, curriculum, syllabi, and lesson plans for all grade levels
  • Discovery English, Tokyo, Japan
    • Developed Oral English language program for adults

Seminars, Workshops, and Presentations at International Schools


  • American School in Japan
  • Aoba-Japan International School
  • Indianhead International School (Seoul, Korea)
  • Japan Conference of International School
  • New International School
  • Nishimachi International School
  • Tokoha Gakuen (Shizuoko, Japan)
  • Tokyo International School
  • Yokohama International School


  • Am I Japanese or American?  Second language acquisition as a means for becoming a peacemaker – A constructive-developmental perspective
  • English acquisition for Japanese people will promote human development
  • Developing a Japanese identity through acquiring English
  • Second language acquisition as a means to initiate transformation
  • Tips and risks for raising your child bilingually

Conference presentations

  • Annual Action Research Conference at the University of San Diego, San Diego, California
  • Annual American Educational Research Association Conference, San Francisco, California
  • Annual California Association for Bilingual Education Conference, San Diego, California
  • Annual Conference for California Education Research Association, Anaheim, California
  • Annual Conference of Peace as a Global Language, Kyoto, Japan
  • Annual Japan Private Schools Association Conference, Kobe, Japan
  • Annual National Association for Multicultural Education, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Japan Conference of International Schools, Tokyo, Japan

Cultural English

  • Kabuki for Everyone